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Make Everybody a Salesperson!

by Brian Nolan on 10/18

 In your operations meetings with your crew leaders, do you ever talk about the need for work?  At times, you may hold back and not tell them, in fear that they’ll look for work with another company.   Or, you may be worried that if you teach them how to quote work, they’ll leave to start their own business.   Both of these could occur.  However, if you desire to build a team, you must consider the benefits of doing this. 

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Hunting for Additional Work Orders

by Conal Mulreany on 01/12

Hunting for Additional Work Orders Conal Mulreany

With winter upon us and many companies are experiencing the seasonal slowdown. The fear of not having enough work probably kicked in several weeks ago. The results is to look very closely at what is scheduled. Breaking even is foremost on our minds; the check book gets hidden so it can’t be used unnecessarily.  The culture of our company changes into survival mode, and what it will take to get through the next few months becomes a major topic.

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