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“Pruning” the Dead Wood in Your Company

by Brian Nolan on 11/23

 It’s that time of the year again. A time to ask ourselves: “Are any of our employees dead wood?”. All too often we hold on to someone who really does not fit our company. Winter is the perfect opportunity for pruning, or getting rid of ‘dead wood’, and creating a healthier company.  Do you really want to keep them on during the winter? The sooner we prune, the better. The longer we wait, the more costly it becomes. As we prune every year, there are a few helpful tips to ensue pruning goes smoothly.

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How Well are You and Your Team Communicating?                (Bryan Evans, Associate Coach)

by Bryan Evans on 06/01

How Well are You and Your Team Communicating?                         (Bryan Evans, Associate Coach)

Good communication is critical to an organization.  Though this may seem obvious, the reality is organizations struggle every day with communication.  As an example, a Crew Leader may view the Apprentice’s yawn during a morning huddle as disrespectful.  Conclusions like this can be misguided (ex: the Apprentice is a new parent), and over time can have a detrimental effect on employee relationships and team performance.  The process that leads to this conclusion is known as the ladder of inference and is described below:

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Is Your Crew Getting it Done?

by Bryan Evans on 07/27

Is Your Crew Getting  it Done?

It’s the end of July… the busy season is upon us.  How effective is your crew – are they bringing jobs in Happy and Under?  Does your crew know what is expected of them every day…do they know what needs to get done every day in order to make the job profitable?

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Spend the Most Time with Your Best Employees

by Brian Nolan on 05/02

One of my favorite leadership books is First, Break All the Rules, by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. When I read this book a few years ago, it completely changed the way I managed.

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Catch a Huddle in Action

by Brian Nolan on 05/23

The season is here!  For the last several months you’ve been upgrading your team.  Now is the time to put winter training to the test.  You can make the training stick by catching your team doing the right things. A great time to do this is to catch them holding a huddle in action. We have written about the importance of daily huddles as a means to increase productivity, awareness and focus on daily goals.  Here is a story of one of the most memoriable huddles I’ve seen.  

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