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The 3 Sources and Uses of Cash

by Andrew Amrhein on 09/11

Many times, small business owners are experts at managing their business checking accounts, but sometimes aren't real clear on whether their business is actually turning a profit. One way of approaching this problem is a basic understanding the three sources and uses of cash - Operating, Investing, and Financing.

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Is Now the Time to Pay Down Debt?

by Andrew Amrhein on 08/04

Is Now the Time to Pay Down Debt?

With the busy season upon us, hopefully you are now starting to see what I call, “the turn in cash”.   What I mean by that is this: you’ve spent spring ramping up and hiring. Now, in summer, you have your team and are profitably producing at full steam.  The result is that all your receivables are now starting to come in and, hopefully, the company bank account is starting to grow.    It’s worth noting that the bills haven’t stopped coming in either.  But, whereas before you were spending to ramp up, now you should be reaping the profits.  It’s the money making season, and profit is good!

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