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Team Planning: Another Successful Planning Adventure

by Brian Nolan on 01/23

Team Planning: Another Successful Planning Adventure

As I boarded a plane from Sacramento to Philadelphia on Friday night, on my way home from a successful planning retreat,   I reflected on the planning teams I was a part of in January. I facilitated planning sessions for Fitzpatrick Painting in Albany, Oregon and Brooks Painting in Davis, California. Below are some thoughts on what made them successful.

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Guest Post: Traits of Great Sales Managers Vs. Great Sales People

by Member Services Coordinator on 10/13

**Special Thanks to Brandon Barth, the Director of Sales at Graco for this guest blog post!**


In my 34 years in the painting business, I've come across many great Sales People and Sales Managers alike. While there are many personalities that can be successful at either, I have observed over the years that there are some "common traits" that the best of the best all have. Below is my simple juxtaposition between great Sales Managers and great Sales People. One point I want to make is that all great Sales People do not make great Sales Managers, but all great Sales Managers were once great Sales People. By no means am I claiming this to be an absolute,just my personal experience.

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