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Since 2003, we’ve helped small business owners throughout the United States and Canada regain control of their business and life! Join the growing number of small business owners who are getting out of the Hourglass and achieving lasting implementation.

Case Studies

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

"As a business, we always kept great records and paper trails of our dollars spent, revenue, etc. but we never really understood how to interpret them. We had no idea how to translate these numbers and understand the financials.  It was a huge roadblock to our growth as a company, as well as our accuracy when it came to budgeting and preparing for the next season."

- Ken and Ryan Parsons, Owners, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters


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Intercounty Paving, Inc

Intercounty Paving, Inc

"The biggest issue we faced was not knowing our numbers and always flying by the seat of our pants in the off-season. Just because we had money in our checking account didn't mean we were profitable.  We really didn't have any consistency or continuity - definitely the challenges of a family run business!"

- Trish and Scott Spano, Owners, Intercounty Paving, Inc


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The testimonials below come from Nolan Consulting Group members who would be happy to speak with you about their involvement with Nolan Consulting Group. The brief testimonials below will also give you a glimpse into the ways company owners have found our services useful.

Jalapeno Paint Werx


After many years in the trade and running a painting business, the Summit program has helped me to take my knowledge and experience and streamline it into a profitable system. I am now out of the ‘Rat Race’ and using my time & talents in a way that helps my company the most!

Tom Reber

MB Jessee, Inc.

Oakland, California

I have been a Summit member since the group’s inception several years ago. Year after year this has proven to be an excellent business decision. Summit has become my college education, opening my eyes to systems and business practices that keep my business thriving. Surrounding myself with the best painting companies in the United States is invaluable. The Summit team keeps me motivated and accountable.

Matthew Jessee, Owner


Nolan Consulting Group currently works with over 45 businesses in a variety of contracting and construction industries. We have groups established for Residential and Commercial Painting Contractors, Remodelers, Landscapers and Roofers. The industry specific groups are made up of non competing contractors who share best practices and growth strategies. We are quickly expanding to other trades small businesses and have experience working with most home service providers.

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