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The testimonials below come from Summit Services members who would be happy to speak with you about their involvement with Summit Services. The brief testimonials below will also give you a glimpse into the ways company owners have found our services useful.

Two Dudes Painting

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Summit has helped us focus on the issues that will make our business succeed. Summit provides great leadership, support and direction. They've instilled in us confence and enthusiasm in our operation. As a result, our business has experienced tremendous growth in our people, effiiciency, and profits.

Peter Barber and Brian McCaskey, Owners
717.396.0849 ext. 2 & ext. 3

A.G. Williams, Inc.

It has been a pleasure to work with Nolan Consulting Group. The Summit program they offer is a composition of the best painting contractors across the country; therefore, it provides a forum for us to share ideas with non competitors in the painting industry. Many of the painting contractors in the Summit program share the same peaks and valleys that we do, so we are able to attack problems constructively. Summit can help you take a small business to the next level by using the corporate business model and implementing corporate systems.

George Williams, Sr

Brooks Painting, Inc

Summit helps me stay focused on my business instead of the day to day operations that at times bog me down. Brian’s coaching has been invaluable, especially during these difficult times.

Jeremy Brooks, Owner

Franklin Painting, LLC

I had the great fortune to be one of Brian’s first consulting clients. My business, and therefore my quality of life, has improved dramatically since that time. I am on track to double my revenue per year within an 18-month time frame of our first meeting. Brian Nolan has proven to be a dependable champion of my cause, sharing a genuine sense of pride in the highs of my successes and helping me to weather setbacks with equal concern. When working with Brian, one gets the sense that he is determined to see a plan through to fruition; he goes about his coaching sessions/presentations with a passion that is apparent to all participants. Brian is a great guy, and I’m in better shape for having gotten to know him.

Frank Campanelli

MB Jessee, Inc.

Oakland, California

I have been a Summit member since the group’s inception several years ago. Year after year this has proven to be an excellent business decision. Summit has become my college education, opening my eyes to systems and business practices that keep my business thriving. Surrounding myself with the best painting companies in the United States is invaluable. The Summit team keeps me motivated and accountable.

Matthew Jessee, Owner

Jalapeno Paint Werx


After many years in the trade and running a painting business, the Summit program has helped me to take my knowledge and experience and streamline it into a profitable system. I am now out of the ‘Rat Race’ and using my time & talents in a way that helps my company the most!

Tom Reber

A. Allbright Painting, Inc.

Before I signed up with The Summit Group, I was looking for someone whom I respected to mentor and coach me in areas of the business that I needed help in. I found exactly what I was looking for with Brian Nolan and The Summit Group. I am so grateful for the things that I have learned and the coaching I have already received just in the last 7 months ever since I joined. My company implemented over 20 different things that we learned from The Summit Group, everything from restructuring the company to pre-operation meetings to developing a written company promise and so on. We even had a party to celebrate our changes and successes. I truly recommend them and will continue consulting with them for years to come.

Josh Abramson

Weinmann Painting, Inc.

In 2004 I had a goal of growth from $700,000 to $1,000,000, a 42% increase. Summit group helped me make that goal a reality. For 2005, my goal was $1,500,000, a 50% increase that I think was even easier to reach thanks to the Summit Group. Summit gives you the tools and advice that small contractors need to grow quickly and controlled.

Kevin Weinmann

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