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Pipeline Deals



Why use Pipeline Deals?

Don't let your technology tether your sales team to the office. Equip them with a CRM designed to go where your team goes. PipelineDeals CRM was designed with on-the-go salespeople in mind. Access PipelineDeals with our native Android and iOS mobile apps to maximize your sales productivity wherever you are.

Know your sales pipeline: Map, record and see every stage of the sale as it progresses through your sales pipeline. Using customizable deal stages and deal tracking metrics, salespeople and managers can quickly see how deals are progressing. Take control of your quota by tracking deal progress to create more accurate sales forecasts.

Know where your best leads come from: Manage and understand your lead sources. Tag individual leads by where they came from to understand how different channels are producing for your company. Segment by lead source to tailor your sales communication for different channels.

Bring your sales pipeline to life: Monitor how many deals are in each stage of your pipeline so that salespeople have the information they need to prioritize their sales activity to reduce dry spells. Keep track of pipeline volume, sales velocity, wins, and losses with easy to use reporting.

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