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  • Hunting for New Leads - Nolan Painting estimators, Jon Meyer, Jim Falk, and Steve Nafranowicz discuss the new ways they are finding customers during our current economic downturn. Topics include building relationships, asking for referrals, and aggressive neighborhood marketing. The podcast is facilitated by Brian Nolan, President, Nolan Consulting Group, Inc
  • Creating a Performance Review Process - Business owner Kevin Nolan reviews tested and proven processes for building leaders and thinkers in a business. Learn how reviewing past performance and previewing future goals is essential to success. Topics include what to talk about, effective tools to use, and how to guide employees to better performance.
  • Overcoming Price Objections (Part 1) - In this 2-part series, Nolan Painting Estimator, Jon Meyer, delivers an in-depth review of his process for making the sale, even when competitors are half his price. Go step-by-step through a methodical and empathetic approach that turns a price objection into an opportunity. Topics include how to avoid getting defensive, reviewing a customer’s pain, asking better questions, and differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Overcoming Price Objections (Part 2)
  • Marketing in a New Economy - Kevin Nolan, owner of Nolan Painting, Inc, discusses strategies for survival in a down economy. Kevin gives an honest and inspirational pep-talk that will have you ready to charge the next hill! Discussion topics include how to cultivate a positive mental attitude, the importance of brand and reputation, and the guerrilla marketing tactics necessary for survival.
  • The Role of Crew Leader - Recorded in front of a live classroom of Crew Leaders, field management expert Conal Mulreany discusses the important role Crew Leaders play. Topics include taking advantage of learning opportunities, becoming a true leader, the Crew Leader’s “3-Legged Stool,” and the “Customer’s System,” vs. the “Crew Leader’s System.”
  • Slow Down and Close More - Business owner, Kevin Nolan, and Nolan Consulting Group Sales Trainer, Jim Falk, discuss how to create value for customers when your price is higher than the competition’s. Topics include pre-qualifying, discovering what is important, and overcoming price objections. Kevin Nolan is a partner of Nolan Consulting Group, Inc and Jim Falk is an Associate Coach.
  • The Monkey's Paw Sales Strategy - Nolan Painting, Inc Estimators Jim Falk, Jon Meyer, and Steve Nafranowicz discuss an important sales strategy for making the sale when times are lean. Using the Monkey’s Paw strategy, sales reps can close on more affordable jobs and avoid potentially loosing a customer because of a large price tag. Learn how to give your company an opportunity to up-sell a satisfied customer after the initial sale has been made. Hosted by Brian Nolan.
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