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Business Coaching & Consulting

We improve your performance through focus and accountability.   Our signature programs are comprised of a unique blend of consulting and coaching.  

  • As consultants, we help you define winning by documenting your vision (what you really want from your business) and setting meaningful goals (for you and your people). 
  • As coaches, we hold you and your team accountable and keep you focused on achieving those goals through a regular follow-up schedule. 


What sets the Nolan Consulting Group apart is our ability to provide industry specific content and advice.  Our experience with contracting and service-based small businesses means we can offer expert advice, processes, and systems relevenat to your situation and needs.  Using our Seven Critical Elements model, we help you mold our proven systems to fit your unique business.  The result is lasting implementation and continuously achieving the full potential of your company.



Individual Coaching

If you prefer to work individually, our team can work with you one-on-one to build a plan, develop a budget and goals, stay focused, and achieve lasting implementation.  We offer complete business planning, budgeting and implementation coaching on an individual level.

  • Annual Business Plan, Budget and Action Item Development
  • Individual Coaching and Consulting
  • Financial Reviews and Goal Setting
  • Consulting "hotline" for immediate answers to business questions and help resolving issues
  • Access to over 130 PROVEN SYSTEMS


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