What does it Mean to Receive Summit Highest Honors?

When one of our Members goes above and beyond, we recognize their efforts and show our appreciation by awarding them with our most prestigious award – the Summit Highest Honors Award.


 Our Members who receive this award not only strive to reach their own success; they also want their employees, communities, and other Summit Members to be successful, and they actively help to achieve that success.  They care about their employees and strive to create a safe and enjoyable work environment.  They generously and enthusiastically give back to their community.  And, they run a fiscally responsible business that benefits everyone. 

 To achieve this admirable award, Summit Members must meet the following criteria:

Criteria 1 


Achieve all 3 Summit Awards/Certifications:

  • Summit Safety Certified
  • Summit Community Engagement Award
  • Summit Business Excellence Award


Criteria 2


Active participation in Summit:

  • Exchange Program
  • Member referrals
  • Program referrals
  • Guidance and advice for other members


Criteria 3


Company Culture Survey, conducted by Summit, from Employees

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