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We have spent the last two months job-costing to the penny of everything we have been doing. Yesterday we had our coaching call with Colin and as we now look at the information- it is stupid clear exactly where and what we need to cut, fix, improve, praise, and duplicate! We’re now talking withr crew leader to share the wins, the goals. Thanks Colin Nolan! Our Talk would not have gone in that direction without the coaching and direction you helped provide!

David Cook, D'Franco Painting and Wallpaper

I just want to let you know how much I value our Summit Membership, our relationship with you guys and the group of like minded business owners you have brought together. I am sincerely grateful for everything you do.

Ryan Parsons, Brothers That just Do Gutters

I find that even though experienced sales reps can teach the system, we still slip into bad habits for various reasons. These refreshers really help get us back on track. You guys are a good team and balance each other out well. I look forward to seeing "the sales guys" at it again in the future.

Paul V. AG.Williams

The positive, can-do attitude of the Summit Coaches (and other members) is invaluable! I am focused and have a better mental approach to running a business. The individual coaching has really helped me understand my numbers and eliminate the guesswork.

Sean Kennedy, Kennedy Painting

Don’t wait. It will be the best decision you will make for your business. Your vision for your business will become crystal clear and you will reach your Summit!

Josh Abramson, Allbright Painting

A special thanks to my coach Jerry. He is always getting me to think outside the box and guiding me through new decisions. Thank you Jerry for always being a phone call away and slowing me down when I'm trying to move too fast. I couldn't be more grateful for the impact and dedication that Nolan Consulting Group has offered to me.

Luke Reynolds, All-In Painting

I love to invest in training that pays off. Usually, I require a debriefing by the attendee and have to come up with a plan for the attendee to implement what they learned. It is not required in this case. I see change for the better through implementation without my prompting. I have the right team in place (finally) and the right coaches to get us to where we want to go. We are being transformed.

Matt Bourgey, Home Partners

I listened to the Safety podcast today, it was great! Definitely informative and eye opening. Truly a must for every business owner!

Sue Kent, Kent C

I Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done with this sales boot camp. As a sales rep in training, it was very helpful to attend each class, and go through the process with the pros! You’re guys teaching methods were effective, clear, and fun! I will take what you’ve guys taught me and run with it! “Control the process in a nurturing way”.

Client’s Sale Rep in Training

If you are a small business looking for a strategic planning partner, Nolan Consulting is it. They have been working with our painting company for 10 years and have helped us think through everything from market positioning and lead generation to hiring and production management. Hats off to a great team of business coaches. Invaluable!

Rob Kozuch

Nolan Consulting has been our 'secret' to the behind-the-scenes look at our business. From assisting us with the business model, providing the systems, structure & excellent coaching. It's been ten years of personalized coaching - clearly the best money we spend and allocate all year. My only regret, not finding them sooner.

Annie Newton

A great company to work with, they went above and beyond what I have expected and are very very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to any painting company as well as any other small business.

Ryan Amato

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