Hug Your Customers

Hug Your Customers

I would highly recommend reading the book, "Hug Your Customers." It has great ideas on how we can create an environment of individuals who are team players and help YOU run a successful business by loving customers. Most of the things mentioned in the book are things we are probably already doing or are very easy to begin.

The author, Jack Mitchell, is the CEO of clothing company on the east coast. The book is an easy read and filled with story after story of ways we can care for the people around us and build a customer for life.
- David Chism, A David Creation

I just read this book as well. A "hug" is when you exceed customer expectations. It's why you can charge more money for your services. It's doing the unexpected. It's how you keep customers for life.

It's not about the paint job, it's about caring for the customer ... thinking from the customer's point of reference.
- Brian Nolan, President, Nolan Consulting Group, Inc

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