Intercounty Paving, Inc

Intercounty Paving, Inc

Intercounty Paving, Inc

Trish and Scott Spano

Joined Summit: 2011

What are some of the systems have you implemented since joining?

System, systems, systems!  We have implemented a system for just about everything you could imagine from the moment someone calls till the day the job is finished systems for office procedures systems for shop procedures systems for mechanical maintenance systems for financial reporting etc. etc.

What have been the results of implementing those systems?

The results that are the most immediate and in-your-face are that we are a much more controlled company not the mom-and-pop shop we used to be.   We know our numbers, we do job costing, proper scheduling, we took the leap of faith; everybody has a roll.  We basically cleaned house from top to bottom.  We have budgets and sales goals and we understand the importance of sticking to them.  (except for one Scott buys equipment randomly;)

What part(s) of Summit have you found to be most valuable? (conferences, individual coaching, knowing other business owners, etc)

Boot Camps are valuable anyone that attends them however I would like to see some new and fresh information in the sales Boot Camp. Really the individual coaching has been the most beneficial to us.  We've made better decisions thru healthy debate with our team.  Our Coach gives us the tools we need to run our business and not let it run us.

What recommendation would you have for a business owner looking to join The Summit Group?

I absolutely recommend Summit to other business owners.  My advice is always you've got to give it time: changes do not happen overnight. Our coach has help us succeed in changing our business. Don't be overwhelmed by the homework. You're doing it for a reason, and definitely pays off.

"The biggest issue we faced was not knowing our numbers and always flying by the seat of our pants in the off-season. Just because we had money in our checking account didn't mean we were profitable.  We really didn't have any consistency or continuity - definitely the challenges of a family run business!"

- Trish and Scott Spano, Owners, Intercounty Paving, Inc

Industry: contractor

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