Painters USA, Inc.

Painters USA, Inc.

Painters USA, Inc.

Paul Cook

Joined Summit: 2007

What were some of the main issues you faced before joining The Summit Group?

I had no indicators at to how I was performing as a painting company.  I really had a fear of overhead and thought it was not needed.  Salesman set up and managed their own jobs.  Did not want to add a layer of management.  I was not sure how to get to the next level.  Being an entrepreneur, it is easy to feel isolated, in a vacuum if you will.  I did not have anyone to mentor and coach me.

What are some of the systems have you implemented since joining?

We now have a robust training program, field supervisors, a COO, a director of Finance, a director of HR.  Our technology has been a collaboration of our experience and all the great things other Summit members are doing.  For example, all our foreman in the field us iPads to clock hours, review jobs, communicate with the office, complete paper work and conduct our daily safety agenda.  Rather than reinventing the wheel we get to build off what others have done and share our experiences as well.

What have been the results of implementing those systems?

In the last 11 years we have grown from a 2.5-million-dollar company to a 23-million-dollar company.  We have great credibility with our customers as they see how well the company is managed.  We are not perfect by any means but we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we would be without Summit.

What part(s) of Summit have you found to be most valuable? (conferences, individual coaching, knowing other business owners, etc)

I have learned from many aspects of Summit.  Financial benchmarking at our conferences, rubbing shoulders with other owners, personal coaching calls.  The have all been a piece of the puzzle responsible for our success.

What recommendation would you have for a business owner looking to join The Summit Group?

Get involved.  If you join you must be all in.  Attend all the conferences, do your homework after each coaching call and implement what you are learning.  

  • Revenue growth 2.5M – 23M  (Revenue has grown every year since 2009)
  • Profitability since joining Steady and much improved 
  • Member since 2006

Industry: painter

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