Performance Painting

Performance Painting

Performance Painting

Jason Parker

Joined Summit: 2006

What were some of the main issues you faced before joining The Summit Group?

Before joining Summit I had fewer systems in my business that could create a predictable model.  I did a lot of hoping for a better month or a better year without knowing exactly what to focus on to improve key areas of the business. 

What are some of the systems have you implemented since joining?

Since joining Summit we have implemented financial controls, meeting schedules, job descriptions and procedure manuals, to name a few.  

What have been the results of implementing those systems?  

These along with other processes have allowed us to grow over 800% since beginning our relationship with Summit, while still having time to spend with friends and family doing the things I love.

What part(s) of Summit have you found to be most valuable? (conferences, individual coaching, knowing other business owners, etc) 

I wish I could nail down the one thing I find to be most valuable in Summit.  The relationships have to rank at the top.  That said, I don’t believe I’ve ever gone to a conference or had an individual coaching session where I didn’t leave with at least one bit (often a lot more) of information javascript:void(null);that could be applied to improve my business or life.

What recommendation would you have for a business owner looking to join The Summit Group?  

Only join Summit if you’re prepared to make positive changes to your business, and implement them regularly.  If you do you’ll be rewarded with a solid, predictable business model that grows year after year.  AND you’ll get to spend time with the owners of some of the best painting businesses on the planet!

  • Revenue growth 800% plus
  • Profitability since joining 10% or more each and every year
  • Member since 2004

Industry: painter

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