Peter Grandin

Joined Summit: 2010

What were some of the main issues you faced before joining The Summit Group?

I did not have a good understanding of my financials and that was preventing me from growing my company to the next level

What are some of the systems have you implemented since joining?

Planning 1,3 and 5 year vision ( You can’t grow without it)
Yearly budget and monthly financial calls
Leadership and management training

What have been the results of implementing those systems?

Planning ahead gives my company the tools it needs to reach it growth goals. The budget and financial calls allow us to make sure our plan is working and then the leadership training give our team what they need to make it all happen

What part(s) of Summit have you found to be most valuable? (conferences, individual coaching, knowing other business owners, etc)

Everything Summit provides is valuable. I would say the two most valuable tools I received from Summit are the annual budget and monthly financials and sales training. I really had no idea what good sales culture was before joining Summit

What recommendation would you have for a business owner looking to join The Summit Group?

Summit will provide you the tools you need to succeed in business. Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for many years Summit will provide you what is missing and help you bring your business where you want it to go. Everything provided is important from the one on one coaching to the conferences. This years regional conference had to have been the most valuable conference yet.

Industry: contractor

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