The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

Ken and Ryan Parsons

Joined Summit: 2012

What are some of the systems have you implemented since joining?

We have completely revamped how we look at, put together, and analyze our numbers as a franchise on a weekly basis. And, of course, now that we actually understand what they mean, we can do more with them and use them to our benefit.

What have been the results of implementing those systems?

Being able to analyze our numbers correctly and having the ability to fully understand what each number means, as well as how it will directly affect our business and the decisions we make, has allowed us the ability to finally be able to predict growth, downturns, and probability, accurately.

What part(s) of Summit have you found to be most valuable? (conferences, individual coaching, knowing other business owners, etc)

We find everything that summit offers us to be extremely beneficial, from the one-on-one coaching to the conferences, and everything in between. But, if we had to pick one thing we felt to be the most beneficial, it would have to be the tools they use that completely take the guesswork out of running your business. These tools are used to review our numbers in detail at at meeting we hold monthly. Another giant plus, is the ability to network and build relationships with other summit clients that are way ahead of us in business. We also love being able to help others by sharing our successes with people that struggle in areas where we are strong.

What recommendation would you have for a business owner looking to join The Summit Group?

If you are struggling in any area of your business, especially when it comes to financial organization and budget analysis, summit not only has the expertise to help you, but they actually care and want to see you, and your business, succeed.

"As a business, we always kept great records and paper trails of our dollars spent, revenue, etc. but we never really understood how to interpret them. We had no idea how to translate these numbers and understand the financials.  It was a huge roadblock to our growth as a company, as well as our accuracy when it came to budgeting and preparing for the next season."

- Ken and Ryan Parsons, Owners, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

Industry: contractor

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