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community engagement certification

At Nolan Consulting Group we understand the importance of giving back to your community and recognize when someone is truly dedicated to making a difference.  So when our Members are generously giving of their time, treasure and talent, we award them with the Summit Community Engagement Certification.

Our Summit Certifications are not awarded to just anyone – it is difficult to meet our standards.  So our Members who achieve Certifications wear their badges proudly.  To achieve Certification, our Members must demonstrate strong enthusiasm for getting involved in their community; see below for our criteria.

Criteria Number 1

  • Field hours volunteered (as a percent of total field hours) 1%
  • Management hours volunteered (as a percent of total Overhead hours) 1% 


  • 1 event per quarter (4 per year) with representatives by both field and management participating


* COVID-19 Exemption: Requirements for Criteria 1 to be assessed and reviewed on case by case basis with applicant. Previous year involvement will be requested and considered

Criteria Number 2

  • Dollars and/or materials and supplies donated (as a percent of Revenue) 1% (to include gifts in kind)

Criteria Number 3

  • Vendor relationships established to support your company’s efforts (i.e. is Sherwin Williams donating materials to a project you are sponsoring)

Criteria Number 4

  • List of personal projects  
  • List of projects that you are supporting to support your employees
  • List of boards, committees or other organizations that you and your management team are sitting on to support your community
  • List of awards or recognition from community sites, social media, or other organization

If your contractor has been awarded the Summit Community Engagement Certification, you can trust that they are dedicated to making a difference in your community.

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