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What does it mean to be Summit Safety Certified?

business safety certified

Summit Safety Certified Members are top tier professional contractors who are actively engaged in creating a safe work environment for their employees.  Safety culture and strategic systems are planned for, implemented, and sustained through employee orientation, training, audits, metric analysis, and overall emphasis on practicing safety behavior on the job and within the office at all times. 

Criteria demonstrating Safety Practices and plan for sustaining action:

  1. Updated Safety Manual, Employee Sign off Sheet included
  2. Formal Safety Orientation for all new hires
  3. One year outlined Safety Training Syllabus
  4. Procedures for “In Case of Injury” in place and communicated
  5. Company form detailing process for investigating injuries
  6. Established Light Duty Program for all field positions
  7. Lead Training/Best Practices:  All employees go through training
    • Outlined Lead Training Program and Schedule
    • Contingent upon company and industry
  8. Photo of SDS Books (Safety Data Sheets) in proper location for field reference (truck and office, digitally)
  9. Safety Audit Form (minimum 2 audits/month)
  10. Safety Huddle – Huddle format outlined (minimum 2 Huddles/week)
  11. Copy of completed OSHA 300 Series Paper Work 
  12. Outline of Required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) by type of work
  13. Management on site required to wear PPE 
  14. Field Job Descriptions include Required Safety Behavior
  15. Submit current safety metrics 
    • Mod Rate
    • Loss Rate
    • Incidence Rate
  16. Provide description of Company Plan to sustain safety culture
  17. New: COVID-19 mandated protocols followed in line with guidance of CDC & OSHA for field and office staff (working processes, training, customer communication, etc.)

At NCG, We are determined to make sure safety is a priority and we strongly encourage clients to embrace a safety culture within their own company!  Bring it alive, make sure employees know you care; it’s critical that your employees feel safe and appreciated at work.

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