Our Story

Nolan Consulting Group, Inc was formed in 2003 to help small businesses achieve their full potential. We help small businesses to implement proven business systems and know their numbers.  When your people run systems, the result is a more consistent, predictable and profitable business. Our team has over 50 years of experience building high performance companies, using our Seven Critical Elements of Business Success(TM) as a guide, we provide real-world, practical solutions to issues facing growing companies like yours.  Our programs offer Goal-Based business planning, organizational development and implementation coaching. Learn more about our team.

As experienced business coaches, we seek to be a respected advisor for your business. We help keep you accountable to your goals, overcome obstacles to implementation, and achieve your vision.
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Our Values and Our Promise

  • Effectiveness:  We strive to be effective and make an impact on every coaching call and at every workshop, for the businesses we work with.
  • Adaptability: We understand that each business owner has different goals and different styles.  We constantly adjust accordingly.
  • Accountability: We are accountable to help our customers reach their summits and we hold our customers accountable for implementing action items we agree on
  • Wisdom: We value the wisdom in the business systems we train on
  • Enthusiasm: We do the above with passion and energy, to help our customers reach goals they never thought imaginable!
  • Responsiveness: We act quickly to help our clients solve their problems
  • Team: At Nolan Consulting, we know that teams win.  We share goals, strategies and reward based on team results as well as individual results.

When a business becomes successful, the amount of tasks that need to be completed multiplies daily. So you hire more staff, and some of those tasks get done. But as the owner, you want to make sure that each task gets done the way you want it to get done. Or, like many others, you don’t really want to hire more people right now. As a result, you get stuck in the middle with all the decisions running through you –like being stuck in the center of an hourglass.  Very little time is left over for planning and improvement - It's like managing chaos.

Nolan Consulting Group has special tools and systems to pull owners, like you, "out of the hourglass."  Together, we can create an effective plan that documents the goals that are right for your business and establishes how you will get there. Our experienced business coaches deliver proven, “Real-World” answers to your questions. The results are an engaged team that efficiently and effectively lives the goals you set.


The Nolan Consulting Group difference is achieving lasting implementation.  We offer individual Planning and Coaching, Workshops, Conferences, and Online Training.

Our services help small business owners successfully transition from a Lifestyle Business to a Value Business. A Value Business has a sustainable future founded on a solid employee team and reliable systems. The business is dependant on the systems, not the people. So, even when the owner isn't working, the business still runs smoothly.

We have been able to help clients all over the United States and Canada increase capacity and production, improve profitability, and achieve predictable growth. Through our Goal-Based planning process and Seven Critical Elements of Business Success(TM) model, our team of trained and experienced business coaches are ready to provide you with the resources necessary to achieve the next levels of business success.

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We achieve long-term value by helping you reach your goals faster, with less headache, and greater returns. 

While we do work with clients on short-term projects, our goal is to form lasting relationships as business coaches and respected advisors. Effective implementation has immediate results. Real change happens over the long-term. There are lots of flash-in-the-pan ideas, methods, and services available in the marketplace. Nolan Consulting Group seeks to be a reliable constant in the turbulent world of small business.

The Planning Process

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The Business Model

 Take a journey through The 7 Critical Elements of Business Success

A Lifestyle Business vs. A Value Business

A Lifestyle Business is about staying in the hourglass. The business is dependent on a single person's involvement. The business is therefore limited in its ability to grow and remain manageable. When you stop working in a lifestyle business, your business ceases to exist..... it only pays you when you're working in the business.

Creating a Value Business is all about getting out of the Hourglass. The business is no longer dependent on one person, but an effective team of leaders. In a Value Business, you're developing systems and roles so that your business can run without you some day. It's a business that grows in value. As a result, you can sell your business someday or receive years of sustainable compensation well into your retirement.

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