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Many contractors make promises to their customers as part of the sales process. Some, such as Nolan Painting, have adopted a promise that has become part of their company culture.  The Nolan Promise is used as a competitive advantage during the sales process and continually reinforced in customer service training for field employees.  It makes the brand experience strong.  Do you have a promise?  Is it alive in your company, talked about regularly, and practiced daily? Take a look at what the Nolan promise means below.

We, Will, Start and Finish on Time
  • Communications with field operations
  • Job- site visit – confirm start date & time
  • 5-minute rule (call if running late)
  • Sequencing the job
  • Crew assignments
  • Closing packet
  • A daily check-in with the customer on the status
We, Will, Maintain a Neat and Clean Project
  • Uniforms
  • Hats on properly (not sideways)
  • Tied shoes and boots; tucked in shirt
  • Not wearing last year’s paints
  • Shop set up
  • Truck appearance
  • Front door drops
  • Rosin paper on hardwood
  • No, but crack
  • Lead safe work procedures
  • Wrap furniture with a clean plastic
  • Removal of drops and plastic – process
  • Daily inspection of homes
We, Will, Handle All the Details
  • Confirmation of estimate
  • Job site visit checklist
  • Closing packet checklist
  • A detailed letter with customer responsibility
  • Touch up process
  • Customer call logs
  • Office prep for job
  • Color section and filing process
  • Telephone scripts
We Will Stand Behind Our Work
  • Warranty
  • Quality assurance sheets
  • Report card: feedback on promptness, neatness, customer service and appearance
  • We’re ambassadors for Nolan Painting
We Pledge an Assurance of High Quality
  • Setting customer expectations
  • PDCA standards
  • Hiring process
  • Company Culture

What promises are you making to your customers?  How are you ensuring the company delivers on them?

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