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A couple of weeks ago Summit did a webinar on time management. I came across a great list of time management tips Kevin wrote up. It’s worth reviewing!

Some thoughts from Kevin Nolan on managing time:

  • Spend time planning- annually, quarterly, monthly, daily.
  • Use a planning device – So many people try to remember it all. I have a great memory but I also write things down in a place I can review it all. I use a daytimer and ACT software on my computer.
  • Set goals – I know what the primary aim of my life is. All use of time should come from that.
  • Prioritize – when I see it listed I can rank it. Some things have to get taken off the list. Some of the things that are definitely included in the list are dinner with family and my kid’s athletic events.
  • Use a daily to-do list- I write it down, cross it off and throw it away.
  • Stay organized- I try to stay organized in the office, shop, house and my garage. I clean my office once a week.
  • Be flexible- things don’t always go as planned. I tell myself to relax. Tomorrow is a new day, I will start over.
  • Consider your biological time clock- morning is best for me; after that, I can’t stop being interrupted.
  • Learn to delegate – I teach others what I do and give them that job.
  • Avoid being a perfectionist- My favorite saying is “A good job today is better than a perfect job tomorrow”
  • Conquer procrastination – enough said
  • Learn to say No – Then teach me how.
  • Lead a balanced life (yeah right) – but I try
  • Job descriptions- I have one for myself and everyone else in our organization.

These are a few of my touchpoints for my seminar and my life. Like everyone else, I still struggle with time and energy. I am constantly trying to apply the right amount of each, to each opportunity and task, that I have each day. These guidelines help me.

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