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While hard to believe, we’re halfway through 2015… Are you accomplishing your goals? Are you focused? Do you know what winning looks like?

It’s time to refocus, create your game plan and write things down! Now is the perfect time to review your 90-day plan from your second quarter and create your third quarter 90-day plan.

Important to Include in Your Plan
  • Successes over the last 90 days
  • Current challenges
  • Measurable goals you would like to achieve:
    • Revenue
    • Gross profit
    • Net profit
    • Number of field employees required
    • Debt reduction and reserve build goals
  • ​Action Items: using your company vision, start the 90-Day Plan with the end in mind. Then, pick the low hanging fruit.

Don’t let the ball drop. Plan for your busy times and give yourself a road map for success. Take the time now (while you still may have it) to write down what it is you want to accomplish and get it started. Hold yourself accountable and make the next six months count!

Remember: Do not sacrifice what you want most, for what you want right now!

Have a great summer!

Brian Nolan

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