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Kathryn Freeman

At Nolan Consulting Group (NCG), we spend a lot of time discussing culture in its many forms: training culture, safety culture, a culture of engagement and so on. What we are talking about is creating a deliberate approach to the environment your team works in. That deliberate approach is the bedrock of good performance. It is a driving force that will take your business to the next level. If you don’t define your culture, someone else surely will and they will not drive your business to greatness.

What does it mean to define culture?

It means taking a hard look at what you want your business to look and feel like. Do you promote a culture of fun within the confines of professionalism? Do you scoff at hiring difficulties because you have a great training culture? Do you send your team into the field every day knowing, with absolute confidence, that they are employing good safety practices? These are examples of Good Culture.

In each of the scenarios above, concentrated efforts have been made by NCG business owners and leadership teams to create and sustain their desired environment. These are just a few:

  • They have discussed and continue to discuss the culture being promoted through monthly management meetings, weekly tactical meetings, and daily huddles, highlighting their values and great examples of living the culture.
  • They are quick to respectfully share mistakes and future solutions.
  • They share their vision 10X more often than they think they should in order to ensure it is ingrained in everyone’s performance.

Culture does not happen in a vacuum, it happens by design. As you consider the business you want, you must take the steps to make it happen. Still, struggling? Talk to your coach for book recommendations or immediate suggestions but do not let another day go by without making your future happen!

All the best,

Kathryn Freeman

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