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We think it’s time for you to take a vacation!

Contributor: Molly Nolan, Marketing & Program Manager 

For the last two years, Nolan Consulting Group has been fortunate to partner with the team at American Painting Contractor in their Mission Vacation Series – a program dedicated to helping hard working business owners who are stuck in the hourglass and can’t get away from the business – not even for vacation! They are busy with the day to day operations and over-whelming stress of running a company that relies solely on them. We know many business owners feel this way, and we want to help!

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As part of the program, our NCG Coaches work closely with the winning contestant, seeking to help them build foundational systems and implement sustainable processes. From dialing in on their vision for the future, creating their business plan through the Cascading Planning Process™, and analyzing the numbers and KPIs to focusing and prioritizing the annual Big Rocks, we set up a solid plan for success. Big Rocks are the critical success areas where we choose to take action on and implement. These Big Rocks get served priority timing with action planning, time management and strategy, the small day to day stuff will find a way to fit within. 

As part of Mission Vacation, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Dustin Zupancic of Dreamscape Painting in Season 1 (2019) and Eric Craine of  All-Ways Painting in Season 2 (2020) on their Big Rocks! 

Dustin’s Big Rocks:
  1. 3-Year Vision
  2. Annual Budget & KPIs to Watch 
  3. Revamping and Completing Job Descriptions for all roles in the business 
  4. Employee Classification & Pay Rates
  5. Leadership Training Program

     ***Bonus Rock – Creating Job Manuals & Scripts for specific roles in the Companies 

Eric’s Big Rocks:
  1. The Strategic Plan & Organizational Chart 
  2. Analysis and Organization of the Financial Systems and Processes
  3. Recruiting and Hiring to help focus on building a High performance Team


We know that the Big Rocks above are pain points felt by many business owners in the contracting industry. While at times challenging, the journey for Dustin and Eric proved to be extremely rewarding.  Both worked incredibly hard with their teams to make these Rocks a priority and are now benefiting from the success of doing so. 

It’s important to note both Dustin & Eric have continued to work with Nolan Consulting Group, Inc. and are establishing new Big Rocks as they tackle 2021. The work is never done.

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As we think about what’s next, it’s important to recognize the team who makes Mission Vacation happen. Spearheading the program – Emily Howard, Editor in Chief of APC Magazine and Andrew Dwyer, Publisher of APC Media. Both Emily & Andrew are truly invested in the success of the business owners and walk the journey with us in our Coaching Process from start to finish. They are champions of the contestants through each step and keep us all engaged with their dynamic podcasts and editorials of the adventure. 

Recently, Andrew & Emily reconnected with Dustin & Eric on APC’s PaintRadio Podcast Channel to discuss and highlight what Eric & Dustin learned from their experiences working with our team of Coaches: Brian Nolan, Kathryn Freeman and Andrew Amrhein. They also spoke what being a part of the Mission Vacation program has done for their business. 

It’s a spectacular episode – Eric and Dustin are vulnerable, open and willing to talk about their journey on a level all business owners can relate to. We highly recommend a listen! You can find PaintRadio on your favorite podcast app – just search, PaintRadio! 




 It reminded us all why we do what we do and the passion around it.  At Nolan Consulting Group, our core purpose is to help entrepreneurs crystallize and achieve their vision. We want to get business owners out of the hourglass!

For more on the Mission Vacation Program, you can catch up on Dustin’s and Eric’s Seasons below! 

Mission Vacation Season 1: Dustin Zupancic, Dreamscape Painting of Abbotsford, BC

Mission Vacation Season 2: Eric Craine, All-Ways Painting  of Ironton, MN

To learn more about Season 3, eligibility requirements, and how to enter for your chance to be a part of this amazing journey,  – check out

Deadline for Entries: February 15th, 2021 

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