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Last week’s post – Preparing for Winter – received a lot of positive feedback. As a result, we have decided to drill down on the idea one more time. This week, we have included a list of actionable items that many of our clients have found success with. These are proven, “rubber-hits-the-road,” activities that make deals happen. By no means is it a complete list, so please add your comments. But we think it is a list of the first places to start.

We pick up where we left off last week…Time to update your business plan and budget for 2011.

  • Discipline is remembering what you want. After updating your business plan, read your vision to your people. Post your “Big Rocks” on your office wall so you stay focused.
  • Start your customer call campaign now to get work for December, January, and February. Schedule it in your calendar for Saturday at 10 am and include other people who can help. For example, have your Crew Leaders call their past customers – they have a great rapport with them. Set a goal – don’t leave until you have at least 8 appointments. Focus on the niche markets you already have exposure – restaurants, fast food, dentist office.
  • Formalize an AWO contest and track it on a whiteboard. Make a big deal about it at your weekly Operations Meeting (with Crew Leaders present). Assign 1 ticket for every $100 sold. Then, have a drawing near Christmas for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. The Crew Leaders that sold the most have the most tickets, but anybody can win. Make sure your field knows how important AWO’s are to success. Make everybody a salesperson.
  • Take advantage of a potentially slow day – schedule a Training Day. Winter is a great time to “upgrade” your team. Take the opportunity to put an end to the headaches you dealt over the past year. Be selective, you don’t have to train everyone at the same time. Only train your A and B players – training is a privilege. Build a high-performance team.
  • Write down a list of the relationships that can or have had an impact on your business getting work. This is your network. In the list, include other trades and businesses you come in contact with and who refer you work. Consider getting together for coffee several times over winter to discuss how you can help each other.
  • Know your break-even revenue amount and hold the line!! Your break-even revenue is the amount you must bill and not lose money. Call your team together as frequently as necessary to hit that number. (Remember that Summit is part of your team.)
  • Get a head start on winter 2012 – join an organization and get involved. Become part of an organization where you can establish and work on relationships. make it an organization that you want to get involved in. As an added benefit, focus on building your own leadership skills by being active. Relationships bring business.

The good news is – they don’t cost much. The bad news is – they take hard work. However, these activities have been proven over time to create a sustainable and productive foundation for your business. Please let us know your thoughts or additions by posting a comment.

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