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Take the Head Trash to the Curb

Everything we do, say and become is determined by what we are thinking.  Steven Covey writes in, “The 7 Habits,” that everything is created twice: first in our mind, then in reality.  We all understand this, so we know we must think/plan first before we act. Planning breeds success. The thing is, the way we think can also bread failure.

In his book, “What To Say When You Talk to Yourself,” author Shad Helmstedder, writes about how our thoughts influence our beliefs and behaviors. When you accept a thought as reality, it quickly becomes a belief and begins to affect how you behave.

But what if the things you are thinking aren’t that productive? For example, if you’re thinking that prospects don’t want what you’re selling, then pretty soon that’s going to start affecting your behavior in a fairly negative way. The same is true with thoughts such as, “I can’t find good people,” or, “customers will always try to rip me off.” These are all things we hear in our consulting practice.

Here’ the point: When beliefs limit your possibilities, we call this “head trash”. What do you do with trash? Put it out by the curb. Have you ever said to yourself  “I don’t have time to exercise”? Head trash! Head trash!  Here’s how I convinced myself about Head Trash. A couple of years ago my friend, Patrick, said to me, “Kevin Nolan always hits his goals.” I thought that’s a good mantra. So I started saying it to myself over and over in tough situations. And, wow!  It works. It has become a belief and I believe it to be true. I have programmed myself to hit my goals. I can’t believe how powerful it is to have this supreme confidence.

So, is a success as easy as thinking as hard as you can about something and making it a belief? Yes! Think good thoughts and be careful to recognize when your thoughts or statements are self-limiting, and put out the trash!  The fact is, wherever you are going, you can’t get there by thinking negative thoughts. Give yourself the gift of taking out the trash! You will be amazed at the results.

All the Best

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