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Small businesses need to fulfill the same administrative roles as any larger organization but often run into a number of issues that prevent the establishment or growth of an efficient admin. Checking voice mail, answering prospect phone calls, and trying to enter information into a database has you overextended. You want to hire an administrative assistant to take care of these responsibilities, but can’t find the right person, can’t pay the salary, or just don’t have the time.  We understand your struggle to fulfill these roles and manage daily administrative duties.

Introducing the Summit Customer Care Center.

This is NOT an answering service — It’s a Remote Assistant!  We’ve leveraged the power of Cloud Technology to provide your business with an organized and effective administrative process — for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Our Care Center offers a comprehensive and inexpensive option to help you fill administrative roles and grow your business.  The Summit Customer Care Center can be your full-time front desk representative providing your customers with a unique and friendly experience.    You can offer what your competitors can’t – a live voice documenting customer information and scheduling appointments!

How Does It Work?

The Care Center combines the power of Google Apps for Business and to seamlessly integrate with your company.  Your telephone number(s) is forwarded to a unique line in our Care Center.  Our technology identifies a caller for your company and a customer care representative (CCR) answers the call with your tailored greeting.  The CCR then collects information in using a script you approve, captures a sales lead for your tracking purposes, and schedules an estimate in your online calendar.   Thru Google Apps, you’ll see the appointment scheduled on the web and on your smart-phone.

Meaningful Data and Tracking.

Get the information you’ve always wanted. We’ll give you a wealth of information about the effectiveness of your marketing and sales. Not only will we collect customer information such as marketing sources, but we will also help you track your sales.  What’s more, you can easily send email blasts through and a free account. We’ll also send you our proprietary Summit Pipeline Tracker(TM) report.  All the information you need, all we’ll do it for you!

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Take Your Business to the Next Levels of Success.

Free yourself and your staff from the “Hourglass” by signing up for the Summit Customer Care Center today!

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