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Colin Nolan

I wanted to take an opportunity to discuss one of Summit’s most exciting new initiatives, the Summit Exchange Program. Many of you know that Summit takes incredible pride in our members and their willingness to share best practices. The peer to peer sharing and relationships that have been cultivated over the years has been a strong contributor to Summit’s success. Summit has created the Summit Exchange Program to strengthen these bonds and enhance the sharing culture of our members.

The purpose of the Exchange Program is to give Summit members the opportunity to visit other Summit members in a structured and deliberately planned fashion. Summit provides administrative support by scheduling pre-exchange calls with the visiting and host companies to plan out a trip agenda and day by day schedule. Both business owners and key employees are given the opportunity to participate in an exchange. To date, we’ve facilitated 12 exchanges. One of our first exchanges was conducted by George William Jr. of Ag Williams Painting Company. George went to visit Lancaster Painting, in Turlock, CA, with a focus on learning new operational workflows and technology. George had the following to say regarding his exchange experience:

“Traveling to Lancaster Painting as a part of the Summit Exchange Group was a truly beneficial experience. On a personal level, it helped to broaden my business acumen, share my business ideas and foster new relationships. I believe that the practices I learned can greatly help our organization and I would highly recommend the Summit Exchange Group to any up and coming employees and or employees who want to learn new and better ways to approach a situation.”.

We currently have 15 companies in the Exchange Program, who are now part of the “Exchange Group”. We want to double this number over the next six months. As a part of the Summit Exchange Group, members agree to host other Summit members for a total of four days a year.

If you have more questions about being a part of the Summit Exchange Group or have an interest in joining, we strongly encourage you to discuss it with your coach or reach out to Colin Nolan at

All the best!

-Colin Nolan

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