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Carter Todd

Hello! My name is Carter Todd and I’ve just started my time here with Nolan Consulting Group (NCG) as the podcast intern. I’m, originally, from Millburn, New Jersey, but decided to make the move down to Philadelphia to pursue my college degree. I’ve just recently graduated from Saint Joseph’s University and started working with the folks at NCG in May. With me here, you can expect that we’ll be releasing a ton of exclusive podcasts featuring all of your favorite business coaches here at Nolan. In addition to recording plenty of new content, we’ll be remastering and revamping some of our older recordings to make them even more efficient and effective for you all.

As is a tradition for all new hires at NCG, I attended my first Nolan Painting Operations Meeting in Havertown, PA. This weekly meeting covers topics ranging from revenue discussions, progress updates on projects, and a reminder of goals that have been set for the month and the year. This was particularly interesting for someone like me, who has heard all about Nolan Painting, yet had never seen the business side.

What I think makes this meeting most effective is the combination of straight-forwardness and openness that are so obvious. The President of Nolan Painting, Kevin Nolan, addressed his whole team by praising the good work that had been done in the past week while not skipping over the items that needed work. There’s a strong emphasis on positivity here. Even when it came to areas of improvement, no person was singled out in front of everyone. This is a great way to highlight key areas of improvement without anyone walking away from the meeting feeling dejected.

This meeting also gives each Crew Leader a forum to update everyone on the projects they’ve recently completed, and those that are still in progress. The fact that everyone, Crew Leaders, Estimators, and Admins sit down together to hear all of this is fantastic. Sure, Kevin could call in each Crew Leader to his office individually and he’d be perfect in the loop. Instead, having the key team members join in keeps everyone in sync with what’s happening in the field and what may need to happen in the office, such as billing a job expected to be completed or an estimator needing to follow up with a customer whose work is in progress.

Having seen this meeting first-hand, I can tell there’s a great sense of camaraderie flowing through Nolan Painting that has been fostered over the course of decades. I can see why the Nolan brothers say, “Great culture makes things happen!”.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to write more blogs, sharing my new experiences as I get to know Nolan Consulting Group!

Until next time,


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