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Now that you have started planning for the New Year, perhaps you are looking around and realize you cannot do it alone. In addition to our regular coaching services, Summit is proud to announce our new Professional Recruiting Services program.

Let us take our resources and use them to your advantage. We will speak with you to determine your hiring needs, develop a job description and start the hiring process. We can help you to find that perfect Bookkeeper to keep your books up to date, and Administrative Assistant to keep you and your schedule organized or an Office Manager to facilitate smooth operations.

Do you envision being backed up with estimates come springtime, are the jobs you have scheduled suffering from a lack of “personal touch,” is your shop in need of some organization? Rather than attempting to do it all yourself, call us and we can help you first figure out who you need and then find that person for you. A Sales Representative, a Resource Manager, an Operations Manager. We can help.

We will:

  • Determine your needs, create and place ads, monitor responses
  • Look at passive, already employed, candidates though our unlimited LinkedIn Recruiter resources
  • Provide phone screening, webcam interviews, background checks, behavioral profiles
  • Present you with candidates so all you have to do is a final interview and hire them!

Summit has recently invested in a specialized LinkedIn Recruiting License that allows us to pursue the best choice for your business through a multi-disciplinary job search. We can use this tool to your advantage, looking at incoming applicants as well as contacting those people who are already employed but whose strengths would benefit your organization.

Now is the time to prepare for next year, call us now so that we can do the work for you.

Happy Hunting!

Kathryn Freeman

Summit Business Coach

Take the Next Step for Your Business