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Brian Nolan

About a year ago I wrote a paper on “The Best Version of Myself”. Since then I have incorporated the “Best Version” concept into my life and coaching. This exercise has changed my life. Let me explain.

The best version of yourself is not a dream or a vision of the future. It’s now. What is it that you know about yourself that you could (and should) do today, this week or this month, but are being held back? What is holding you back? All of us live with this thing called “Resistance” inside of us. Resistance is the inner voice of apathy, inaction, fear, discomfort, and impulsiveness. It rationalizes with us like a lawyer, convincing us why we should or shouldn’t do something. Resistance thrives on inaction and cannot survive when you deliberately take action. The first step is to identify the resistance in your life. Then, conquer it!

The best version of yourself includes elements of how you see yourself on your best day, making your best decisions. It addresses yourself as the best parent, spouse, leader, community volunteer and athlete. Every moment, of every day, in every interaction, represents an opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Happiness is not an event. Happiness or “approaching joy” is when you fulfill your potential; what you were meant to do. There is no better feeling. To get started, I recommend a few books.

Three books, I’ve read, address the best version concept and Resistance. I was first turned on to the concept by two of Matthew Kelly’s books: Resisting Happiness (more spiritual) and Off-Balance. I recently read The War of Art, by Stephen Pressfield, which does an excellent job of describing Resistance. Pressfield highlights the difference between an amateur, one who regularly succumbs to Resistance, and the Pro who crushes it on a daily basis.

I reflect on “My Best Version” paper every week, if not daily. It challenges me. It’s powerful. Go ahead, sit down and just start writing your best version. You already know…. Sit down and start typing.

In the words of Matthew Kelly: “Progress not perfection”. The key is continuing to be a better version of yourself every day.

Here’s to being ”present” today,

Brian Nolan

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