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The CEO sets the culture of the company, including the sales culture. Below is a description of a company with a powerful sales culture. Does your company live the following culture or something like it?

“We are a sales-driven organization with measurable goals that we relentlessly pursue and achieve each month. We value the company sales goals first, then the individual goals. This creates a team approach towards hitting the goals. We realize that if we hit the team sales goals, the billed revenue will follow.

The organization depends upon us hitting the numbers. We know where we stand against the goals at any given time during the month. The visuals in our office shine our progress in our eyes every day. Our crew leaders have become our 6th man on the sales team – bringing opportunities to the table every week.

If we’re behind on achieving our goals, we creatively brainstorm how we need to change behaviors to get back on track. This includes planned prospecting visits and customer calling campaigns. Each sales Rep comes to sales meetings prepared to share their status against goals and open bids. We follow up on every open bid, getting a yes, a no, or next appointment.

Bids are sent out within one business day and we follow up within three days of the sales calls. Our next step agreements with prospects are clear. We’ll incorporate a team and individual-based compensation program, rewarding the collective results as well as individual performance. The sales culture is typified by our active participation in community events. People in our market area can’t miss us at these events. We network and have an abundance of relationships which we vigorously track.

With this mindset, we are winners. We hit our goals!”

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